About the foundation

The board

The foundation was founded in February 2020 by Frank Rikken, in collaboration with two other board members, Mark and Michel. Together they form the daily management of the foundation.

Frank Rikken

President / Treasurer

Founder of Smiles of Hope. The linking pin with Cambodia. He has a large network in the Netherlands and Cambodia and is driven and full of energy. Frank is also a Trainer / Coach in Cambodia.

Mark Kamp

Mark Kamp

Board member

Mark is a copywriter and concept creator of a profession. In addition, he coaches young passionate talents who aspire to the profession. Mark has a big heart and is a passionate volunteer.

Michel Ijsselijk

Michel IJsseldijk

Secretary general

In daily life he is a lawyer with his own practice in Arnhem. Michel is positively critical and asks striking questions. He keeps us sharp and alert and has a heart of gold.

Our advisors in Cambodia

We have a team of professionals on site to manage the delivery and distribution in Cambodia. They help us with organizational, cultural and official issues. They also provide us with financial and tax advice and assist us with local regulatory questions.

Chakrya Sao


Chakrya was born a rural area in Cambodia. She has big dreams and is  always helping other people around her. She is head of HR at an international company in Cambodia. She is a volunteer coach is several social activities, and she believes in equality and empowerment to make change in Cambodia.

Melanie van Gendt


Melanie and her partner decided to move to Cambodia for a new challenge, with more impact and satisfaction. While trying to figure out the entry restrictions and visa procedures, Melanie came into contact with Frank. After exchanging tips and tricks, they met in Phnom Penh and got to know Smiles of Hope. She is happy to contribute and follows the progress of the projects from Phnom Penh.

Ain Chean Toing

Ain Chean Toing (JC)


Ain Chean Toing, also known as JC is Managing Director of the Advanced Centre for Empowerment, an NGO in Cambodia. Seeing the need in the community. JC is helping us with the import, storage and distribution of our technical equipment and supplies among the people that most need it. 

Phally Hum


Phally is working in Accounting field in an International oriented Cambodian company. She is focusing on producing Financial reports and Tax. IFRS and Cambodian Tax Law compliance is her speciality. "Positivity, consistency and highly responsible." That is the best way to describe her.

(Financial) policy

How do we deal with finance?

A number of keywords are important to the board members of the Smiles of Hope Foundation: integrity, transparency and open communication.

The treasurer is primarily responsible for the finances. The accounts are audited every year by an accountant. Directors do not receive fixed remuneration for their work. An expense allowance can be paid based on actual costs incurred during business trips. Each year is concluded with a financial and a substantive annual report. These reports are published on this website.


We provide practical help and resources

The Smiles of Hope Foundation wants to provide existing NGO projects with teaching materials, books and laptop computers used by students in selected projects. Young people and children in deprived areas and slums in Cambodia deserve an opportunity to develop and use their talents to grow their local economy. Especially in the poor parts of the country. The connection between students who have been given the opportunity and youth in disadvantaged areas is a key to narrowing the gap between rich and poor. The Smiles of Hope Foundation also wants to establish this connection by offering practical training courses on the integration of technology and communication.


Children from poor areas are leaders of the future

The Smiles of Hope Foundation believes that young people in Cambodia should be able to express their talents to make their dreams come true. The gap between rich and poor in Cambodia can only be narrowed if children and young people from poor areas are given the opportunity to develop as leaders. The Smiles of Hope Foundation believes that no distinction should be made based on gender. A balance between boys and girls in the programs creates a balance in the composition of the later framework. To actively promote respect for each other and each other's standards and values.


we hook up with the most beautiful initiatives of NGOs in Cambodia

  • The Smiles of Hope Foundation aims to:
    • in collaboration with other NGOs that focus on education and study of talented but underprivileged youth in Cambodia, facilitate study and further development of their careers. Under the condition that these young people are again committed to local initiatives aimed at a better future for the local population.
    • facilitate and coach young people who have completed their studies in finding suitable work as an employee or as an entrepreneur.
    • to carry out all further activities that are related to or may be conducive to the above in the broadest sense.
  • The foundation tries to achieve its goal, among other things by sharing experiences and qualities and connecting with others, setting, prioritizing and achieving goals, discovering and working on its own talents and expanding its own network.
  • The foundation does not intend to make a profit.
  • The foundation serves the public interest.

Activities in Cambodia

We support local projects of selected NGOs. We assist them with resources and practical support.

We donate refurbished laptops

The laptops we receive in the Netherlands, among others, are emptied and refurbished in a certified manner. Where necessary, new power supplies come in and then we ship them to Cambodia, where they are used in projects of NGOs on the spot

On-site training and coaching

We train and coach students and novice entrepreneurs on site. We offer them perspective together with local professionals from partner NGOs and companies.

We help search

To take steps that really matter, we help young people in Cambodia find work. Work with which they can meet their needs, but also with which they can contribute to the local economy.

Projects 2020 - 2021

The Smiles of Hope Foundation actively contributes to projects of existing NGOs. We participate in this, we actively contribute and we help to develop. In the future, we will not exclude setting up new projects, but in principle the foundation does not initiate projects itself. The foundation has currently selected these projects:

Chikara Cambodia

Chickara Cambodia offers young people in Cambodia the opportunity to study. For this purpose, this foundation offers both financial resources, personal guidance and appropriate professional knowledge. At the same time, Chikara Cambodia makes young people aware of the important environmental challenges facing Cambodia. So that they will use the knowledge they gain during their studies to further build their country in a sustainable way.

AngkorHUB Academy

The goal of AngkorHUB Academy is to enable young Cambodians to work remotely by increasing their (digital) skills. By offering young people in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh an opportunity to develop their own talents, they are better able to become entrepreneurs in the digital domain. AngkorHUB Academy provides effective training courses that prepare young people for a new future

Policy plan 2020 - 2023

Download the foundation's policy plan (in Dutch)

The Smiles of Hope Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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