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We collect laptops, provide certified erasure of all data and refurbish them for use in Cambodia

Written-off laptops

a second life

In the Netherlands and neighboring countries, it is very common for a laptop computer to be written off after three to four years. Technology advances are fast and therefore the lifespan of computers is limited. In addition, laptops slow down due to use. Many laptops end up in storage somewhere, because the data it contains must be kept.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation gives those laptops a second life. We securely erase the data and put new, free software on the laptops so that they can be used in Cambodia by students in our selected projects.

Why no desktops?

Sometimes we get the question: Why not desktop computers? The answer to that question is easier than you think. Cambodia has to deal with unreliable electrical infrastructure in many places. As a result, there are frequent interruptions in the supply of electricity. And of course studying and working on a desktop computer is not an option.

Stapel laptops
Laptop written off?

After a makeover, he will be able to join our projects for years to come

Erasing data

We know that hard drives can contain sensitive data. Of course, that data should not be exposed. That is why we handle this data carefully. We provide certified erasure of the hard drives of your laptops. Formatting a hard drive or reinstalling Windows is not enough for that! Only when the data has been overwritten several times will it be impossible to find.

And that is exactly what we do

We use the Blancco software for this. As a result, new owners will not be able to retrieve passwords, login codes or private documents.


Donate laptop (s)

Do you have one or more laptops that you want to donate? Let us know. By registering your laptop below, we can estimate the extent to which we can refurbish and reuse it. We will then contact you to discuss transport and any actions.

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The Smiles of Hope Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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