Advanced Centre for Empowerment
Organisatie: Advanced Centre for Empowerment

Organisatie: Advanced Centre for Empowerment

ACE is an independent Cambodian NGO that provides education, housing, training and work experience to underprivileged children and young people in Cambodia.

From teaching life skills and English to slum children to providing housing, leadership skills, English and life skills to college students.

Dormitory and Leadership Training Centre

The Dormitory and Leadership Training Center (DLTC) is a unique facility that currently houses 18 students. Cambodian youth from remote provinces and urban slums are offered the opportunity to enter university through housing, scholarships, leadership training, a wide range of life skills programs and activities, English classes and computer classes.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation wants to contribute to this project by making laptops and knowledge of technology available in the form of guest training courses for the students on a regular basis.

Young Leaders Centre (YLC)

The Young Leaders Center (YLC) aims to combat this cycle of poverty by providing structured education to children in the Sombok Chab slum. At YLC, children also receive much-needed lessons in basic health and hygiene, leadership, and English, as well as enrichment lessons in karate, traditional Khmer dances, and crafts. The center also offers programming on other key topics, including presentations on public school reintegration, and life skills lessons such as job search. These classes and presentations are led by ACE staff and residents. Currently, the center can accommodate about 80 children and offers various learning programs for children, young people and adults during the week. The first year of the project focused specifically on adult mothers and their role in encouraging their children to prioritize their education, health and hygiene.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation wants to contribute to this project by making available (digital) learning materials, notebooks, pens and English textbooks and reading books.

Weekend Training Programm (WTP)

Founded in April 2011, the WTP provides training on topics such as leadership, positive attitudes, communication, job search, interactive teaching methods, marketing skills and how to become a professional entrepreneur. Programs are held on weekends at DLTC and are conducted by qualified and experienced national and international trainers.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation wants to contribute to this project by providing regular training by professional trainers.

Other projects

Chikara Cambodia

Chickara Cambodia offers young people in Cambodia the opportunity to study. For this purpose, this foundation offers both financial resources, personal guidance and appropriate professional knowledge. At the same time, Chikara Cambodia makes young people aware of the important environmental challenges facing Cambodia. So that they will use the knowledge they gain during their studies to further build their country in a sustainable way.

AngkorHUB Academy

The goal of AngkorHUB Academy is to enable young Cambodians to work remotely by increasing their (digital) skills. By offering young people in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh an opportunity to develop their own talents, they are better able to become entrepreneurs in the digital domain. AngkorHUB Academy provides effective training courses that prepare young people for a new future

The Smiles of Hope Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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