AnhkorHUB Academy
Organisatie: AnhkorHUB Academy

Organization: AngkorHUB Academy

The goal of AngkorHUB Academy is to enable young Cambodians to work remotely by increasing their (digital) skills. By offering young people in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh an opportunity to develop their own talents, they are better able to become entrepreneurs in the digital domain.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation wants to contribute to this project by making laptops available and providing regular training by professional trainers. In addition, the foundation wants to contribute to compiling the Curriculum and facilitating the finding of customers in Europe for Alunmi.

AngkorHUB Academy

Building a future in a country like Cambodia is not easy. When you have completed your studies, it only starts. Then you need to be prepared to put your own skills into practice. And keep growing.

Students in the program learn to keep developing. They are also introduced to what technology can do for them. Smiles of Hope wants students without a budget to be able to participate in the program. We provide technology and knowledge for this. Participants are allowed to use a laptop and a smartphone, which they receive on loan as long as they have no money for this themselves. In addition, we help to compile the Curriculum and provide on-site training.

Other projects

Chikara Cambodia

Chickara Cambodia offers young people in Cambodia the opportunity to study. For this purpose, this foundation offers both financial resources, personal guidance and appropriate professional knowledge. At the same time, Chikara Cambodia makes young people aware of the important environmental challenges facing Cambodia. So that they will use the knowledge they gain during their studies to further build their country in a sustainable way.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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