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Organisation: LCA Cambodia

The Legal Consultant Association (LCA) is a pioneering non-profit organization dedicated to promoting legal education and providing accessible legal assistance to underserved communities in Cambodia. With a deep-rooted mission to raise awareness of legal rights within these communities, LCA focuses on bridging the gap between theoretical legal knowledge and practical legal skills. Through a unique program, LCA offers law students the opportunity to gain practical experience during their studies under the guidance of experienced legal professionals. This approach not only enables students to start their careers with an advantage but also contributes to creating a more informed and legally skilled community. LCA is also heavily involved in educational programs focusing on essential themes such as domestic violence, informing both victims and perpetrators about their rights and the legal procedures in Cambodia. By providing legal assistance free of charge to those who cannot afford it, LCA aims to make justice accessible to everyone.


Smiles of Hope is proud to announce its partnership with the Legal Consultant Association (LCA), initiated in March 2024, as part of our mission to support educational and legal initiatives globally. This collaboration reflects our shared commitment to advancing legal education and providing essential legal assistance to the most vulnerable populations in Cambodia. In line with our dedication to social development, Smiles of Hope has donated valuable technological resources, including computers and laptops, to enhance the operational capabilities of the LCA.

Furthermore, together with IJsseldijk Advocaten, we have allocated a budget to support LCA in creating educational content, developing and printing informational materials, and producing short informative films. These contributions are designed to assist LCA in their outreach programs and increase awareness of legal rights within Cambodian communities. Smiles of Hope also provides the expertise of a communication specialist, available upon request, to evaluate and enhance the materials produced by LCA, thereby maximizing the impact of our joint efforts on the community. Through this collaboration, we hope to stimulate sustainable change in the approach to legal education and provision of legal aid in Cambodia.

Other projects

Chikara Cambodia

Chikara Cambodia

Chickara Cambodia offers young people in Cambodia the opportunity to study. For this purpose, this foundation offers both financial resources, personal guidance and appropriate professional knowledge. At the same time, Chikara Cambodia makes young people aware of the important environmental challenges facing Cambodia. So that they will use the knowledge they gain during their studies to further build their country in a sustainable way.

Advanced Centre for Empowerment

Advanced Centre for Empowerment

The Smiles of Hope Foundation wants to contribute to this project by making laptops available and providing regular training by professional trainers. In addition, the foundation wants to contribute to compiling the Curriculum and facilitating the finding of customers in Europe for Alunmi.


The Smiles of Hope Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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