Health, freedom and Friendship

5 May 2020

Health, freedom and Friendship

5 May 2020

By: Frank Rikken

Smiles of Hope is live! In a short time we set up the foundation, we created a website, applied for the status of Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and as of today, the donation function is operational on the site. Only good news, that is what it seems.  But unfortunately, the reality is completely different.

While I, like many others, have to pull out all the stops to keep my company on track, my thoughts go out to my friends in Cambodia. To all those young people who enthusiastically participated in training and workshops. Their only aim is a better future for themselves, their family and the local community.


That hope has been completely destroyed by the recent virus outbreak. There are no aid packages or social safety nets available in Cambodia. No work simply means no money there. As a result, people who had just taken the first steps up, are now only surviving. It touches me deeply.

The situation in Cambodia makes me realize once again how our Western world has become a purchasing power machine that focuses mainly on prosperity instead of welfare. I personally see health, freedom and friendship as more important values ‚Äč‚Äčthan the ability to buy the newest car, a bigger house or the coolest gadgets. Even in these uncertain times, where we all have to take a big step back. That principle is deep-seated in me as a person.

Pick up the good work

For me it is therefore only natural to continue to dedicate myself fully to the foundation. Sometimes against all knowledge, because I really understand that the majority of people now mainly worry about their own future. Yet I continue to call on everyone to support Smiles of Hope. Donate laptops, tablets and smartphones or make a financial contribution so that we can refurbish and ship the equipment. With your help, the Smiles of Hope Foundation can get back to work as soon as the borders open.

As of this writing, I should have been in Cambodia. I wanted to use the month of May to visit local initiatives, distribute the first laptops that have been donated and to give training courses again. For the time being that is not possible, but something that is good and well-preserved will not lose its value.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation is not only live, but above all alive, which in any case gives me an immense feeling of happiness.

I would like to thank Mach3Builders again for making their wonderful tool SellWise available. Thanks to them, we are able to collect donations.

The Smiles of Hope Foundation is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) . Donations are therefore tax-deductible.

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